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If you are looking for a domain name that falls into one of the following domain suffixes:

.com / .net / .org / .biz / .info / .us / .co.uk / .me.uk / .org.uk /
.uk.com / .uk.net / .eu.com / .gb.com / .gb.net

you can combine the domain name registration with certain web hosting packages, for a combined price which makes good financial sense. There are three options for web hosting, as described below. Only the third option is offered through NetNameNow.

1. You could set-up and maintain your own web hosting servers. This option gives you the most control, but also would be the most expensive, and is usually an uneconomic solution.
2. You can use a web hosting provider who dedicates a server to your use. The hosting provider maintain the service for you, and your website has the added security of dedicated hosting. This is also expensive, but less so than the option above.
3. You can use a web hosting provider who provides shared space on a server with other customers. This option is appropriate to most customers requiring a web site.

There are many web hosting providers out there today, all offering a host of service levels - some offer a free hosting service (maybe with advertising banners), others offer high bandwidth hosting services - aimed at the large corporate customers - for a higher price, and others fall in the middle. Often the limitations on web space or user support make a free web hosting provider unsuitable for many applications.

Our recommendations are based upon a review of many web hosting and domain registrar providers and we seek to offer you a combined package with a high level of service and feature-rich packages, to suit your needs, all at reasonable prices.

In order to find out what web hosting packages you can combine with a domain, you must first select the domain type you wish to register from the list below. (Any other domain types cannot be provided from this page). You will then be presented with a list of web hosting packages, which you can then click on, to find out more.

.com , .net , .info , .org , .biz , .us

.co.uk , .org.uk , .me.uk

.uk.com , .uk.net , .eu.com , .gb.com , .gb.net

Currently, we are not able to provide a combined domain registration and hosting package for the ".name" suffix. You may still obtain name registration and a full hosting plan, by purchasing separately.





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